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Dentures, like most things in life are subject to age, wear, and tear. The shape of your mouth changes over time. Your dentures however, do not. When that happens, it is time to visit Dr. Philip Tetz at Dr. Phil's Family Dental Care PLLC for a new set or partial. It may happen that you drop your dentures, damaging them or causing them to break. Not caring for your dentures properly can also cause damage.

Although dentures aren’t natural teeth, that doesn’t mean you can stop coming in for your dental appointments. As you age, your mouth changes, and your dentures need to change as well in order for them to fit properly and function as they should. You may notice that they are loose, or just don’t feel right. Talk with Dr. Philip Tetz about replacing dentures that no longer fit, or making adjustments to your current dentures, Sometimes a new lining may solve the problem.

You might drop your dentures while cleaning them. Or, over the years, they simply wear out or break. When that happens, contact us. If your dentures can be repaired, the dentist will handle that, and he may have to send them back to the lab for repairs. Save the pieces, and contact our office in San Antonio, Texas, at 210-231-0430 . Don’t try to repair them yourself. Many glues contain chemicals that can cause you harm if you ingest them.

Finally, properly clean your dentures every day and make sure that they remain moist so that they retain their shape. Take them out at night, and put them in a soaking solution.

If you have any questions about the care of your dentures, or if they are broken or need to be replaced, contact our office for an appointment.